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Tvs Ntorq

Bike Specifications

kerb Weight



41 kmpl

Fuel Capacity

5.8 Liters

Top Speed

95 km/h


9.38 PS @ 7000 rpm

Bike Description

The TVS Ntorq is a popular and stylish scooter known for its sporty design, peppy performance, and advanced features. It is designed to appeal to young riders who seek a combination of style, practicality, and fun.

The Ntorq stands out with its modern and aggressive styling cues. It features sharp lines, angular bodywork, and a sporty stance that sets it apart from traditional scooters. The motorcycle-inspired design elements, such as the sharp headlight, sleek body panels, and edgy graphics, give the Ntorq a dynamic and youthful appearance.

Powering the Ntorq is a 125cc single-cylinder engine that offers zippy performance and good fuel efficiency. The engine is designed to provide quick acceleration and smooth power delivery, making it ideal for city commuting and spirited rides. The Ntorq’s performance-oriented nature adds a touch of excitement to everyday rides.